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Ingliz tilidagi eng uzun so'z

Bu yerda siz ingliz tilidagi eng uzun so'z haqida bilib olishingiz mumkin. 

Ushbu qiziqarli savolga javob berishdan oldin quyidagilarni ta'kidlash kerak, ingliz tilidagi eng uzun so'zni tanlash bu tildagi so'z deb hisoblanadigan narsaga bog'liq.


The stork. A touching story

Mother was young. She had well rounded education of life. Her son was a curious child unaware of mysterious world. One day they decided to pay their distant relative a visit where was fairly far. Mother was taking her confidant steps while the son was walking with his eyes peeled in the surrounding. Suddenly the boy stopped as if he had just seen miracle. There was black nest and unknown bird with long legs and beak.

- What is that?- he asked staring it.


IELTS speaking topics

IELTS speaking topics is an excellent book which includes the following topics for those who would like to improve their IELTS speaking skills:


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