Ingliz tili fani oyligi. O'quvchilar uchun maxsus tanlov.

Hello dear pupils. Glad to see you in my website. I hope you will try your best and be active as you can. From today I am going to start the contest for you. The aim of the contest is to find the smartest pupil among you and award him with a book. So, if you win in this contest, you will be awarded with an English book.

Today's task is:

Translate the following phrases into russian or uzbek.

earn some (a lot of, little) – _________________________________________;

become great friends – _________________________________________;

be in need for smth – _________________________________________;

wear a uniform – _________________________________________;

it takes (took, will take) smb. some time to do smth. – _____________________________________;

to be angry with  – _________________________________________;

with joy – _________________________________________;

(source: Сборник адаптированных рассказов английских и американских писателей)

Write the tranlation of the task above in the comment section of this page. Good luck!


Allright dear pupils. You are very passive, aren't you? Hey, try to be active!

Now, do the next task. The next task is a test. Please, do the test and write the answers below in the "comments" section.


1. Find the missing words: On 1776 the … colonies on the … coast got their independence from …


a. Thirty / Atlantic / Great Britain


b. Thirteen / Arctic / Australia


c. Three hundred / Pacific / Australia


d. Thirteen / Atlantic / Great Britain


2. Put the verbs in the right form. After he … a letter he … it to his parents.


a. Had wrote / sent


b. Had written / sent


c. Had wrote / send


d. Had written / send


3. When do Britain’s celebrated Guy Fawkes Night?


a. December 15 th


b. August 5 th


c. March 5 th


d. November 5 th


4. Answer the question. When do the Americans celebrate their Independence day?


a. The 4th of June


b. The 4th of July


c. The 5th of July


d. The 5th of June


5. Who wanted try to kill Guy Fawkes?


a. King John I


b. King James II


c. King James I


d. King John II


6. Translate the words. Illuminations; tight – rope walker; to walk on stilts:


a. Kashfiyot; dorboz; sayir qilmoq


b. Kashfiyot; arqon; uloqtirmoq


c. Yoritish; dorboz; cho’p oyoqda yurish


d. Yoritish; arqon; sayir qilmoq


7. When do people celebrated Christmas day?


a. November 15th


b. January 25th


c. December 25th


d. November 25th


8. American Children love to dress up in costumes and go trick – or – treating on October 31st. It’s …


a. Independence day


b. Halloween


c. Pancake day


d. St. Valentine’s day


9. This day is a day for sweethearts. Its …


a. 31st of October


b. 1st of September


c. 25th of December


d. 14th of February


10. In this day many peoples celebrated st. Valentine’s day. But in this day Uzbek people’s celebrate the birthday of the great poet, statesman Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur.


a. 25th of December


b. 1st of September


c. 14th of February


d. 31st of October


11. “The person who finds it in the pudding is lucky for the next year”. What is the sentence about?


a. Christmas pudding


b. Nuts


c. Coin


d. Turkey


12. Give the correct form of the word. In the waning we enjoyed the … and the fireworks


a. Illuminate


b. Illumination


c. Instruct


d. Instructing


13. Please read the … for how to yet to the rodeo carefully.


a. Instruction


b. Instructed


c. Instruct


d. Instructing


14. Put the words in order. New year, a day, it snowed, before


a. A day before it is snowed.


b. It snowed a day before New Year


c. It snowed before a day


d. A day snowed it before


15. My friend … in the rodeo. It was great.


a. Participation


b. Participating


c. Participated


d. Participate


16. He stayed on his horse and won the …


a. Compete


b. Competeted


c. Competition


d. Competeting


17. Translate the sentences. Mening o’qituvchim kitoblarni yoqtirishini aytdi.


a. My teacher says they like books


b. My teacher said I like books


c. My teacher says he like books


d. My teacher said he likes books


18. Translate the sentence. U ularning 2 milliondan ziyot mushtariylari borligini aytdi.


a. He said that had more than two million readers


b. He says they had more than two million readers


c. He said that they have more than two million readers


d. He says that they have marl than two million readers


19. Translate the following words: Tabloid; gossip; opinion; quality; local.


a. Ma’noli gazeta, oldi qochdi gazeta, ozg’in, sifat, mahalliy


b. Tuturuqsiz gazeta, oldi qoshdi, gazeta, kalit, mahalliy


c. Tuturiqsiz, gazeta, oldi qochdi gazeta, fikr, sifat, mahalliy


d. Tuturiqsiz gazeta, oldi qochdi gazeta, fikr, kalit, mahalliy


20. Translate the words. A soup opera, A feature film; A viewer; A listener


a. Teleserial, baddiy film, sharhlovchi, tinglovchi


b. Opera, teatr, tinglovchi, xonanda


c. Teleserial, baddiy film, namoyish etmoq, tinglovchi


d. Opera, dahshatli film, xonanda, sharhlovchi


21. The most British … like sport programmes.


a. Girls


b. Boys


c. Babies


d. Grownups


22. After they … some housework they …


a. U / had a rest


b. Have done / have a rest


c. Aid / have a rest


d. Had done / had a rest


23. When she … dinner she … TV


a. Have had / watched


b. Had had / watched


c. Have had / watches


d. Had had / watches


24. Translate. Harid qilib bo’lgach men televizor ko’raman.


a. After I have do the shopping I watched TV


b. After I hade did the shopping I watch TV


c. After I had done the shopping I watch TV


d. After I had done the shopping I watched TV


25. Answer the questions. When do Britain’s celebrated Guy Fawkes Night?


a. in winter


b. in spring


c. in summer


d. in autumn





earn some (a lot of, little) – _______________biroz daromad________________________; become great friends – _______________yaxshi dost bolish__________________________; be in need for smth – ____________muhtoj bolish___________________________; wear a uniform – _______________________forma kiyish__________________; it takes (took, will take) smb. some time to do smth. – _______u ozini yutishi uchun biroz vaqt______________________________; to be angry with – ___________gazablanish______________________________; with joy – _____________________quvonch bilan____________________;

Permalink Submitted by ilyosbek adhamov (not verified) on Sun, 05/06/2018 - 16:47 earn some (a lot of, little) – biroz daromad; become great friends –yaxshi dost b muhtoj bo'lish; wear a uniform – forma kiyish;olish; be in need for smth –biror narsaga muhtoj bo'lmoq it takes (took, will take) smb. some time to do smth. – u o'zini yutishi uchun biroz vaqt; to be angry with – g'azablanish; with joy –quvonch bilan;

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