English brainstormers (Ready-to-use games and activities)

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 Shak – shubha yo’qki, «English Brainsormers» kitobi ko’pgina Ingliz tili fani o’qituvchilariga yaxshigina yordamchi bo’la oladi. Mazkur kitob o’zida darsda qo’llash uchun ajoyib o’yinlar va mashg’ulotlarni mujassamlashtirgan. Marhamat, ko’chirib oling va foydalaning.

Lately, we teachers have been bombarded with educational terminology such as "The State Standards,” "Learning Assessments,” "Academic Intervention Services,” and "Competency Evaluation.” Yes, the new standards are probably necessary for some students for a number of reasons. Yes, students who are not performing up to a specific standard should be given remediation. Few would argue against either. Yet, through all of these assessments and evaluations, many teachers confess that the joy of teaching, the "fun in the classroom,” has been slowly disappearing. Instead, pressure and stress for both you and your students have appeared. How often have you heard, or even said it yourself, "There is little time for anything other than preparing my students for all these assessments!”? In a nutshell, we need to make learning fun again—both for ourselves as teachers and, more importantly, for our kids as learners.


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